Cooperative Advantage

sugar cane harvest

As a co-op, Louisiana Land Bank is owned by the people it serves. This structure gives borrowers—farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, rural homeowners and other rural landowners—a strong voice in the association’s operations and a vested interest in its success.

  • Co-ops represent "business with a face." Because most co-ops are locally owned and operated, customers know who they are doing business with. And, because revenues stay local, a co-op's income represents gains for the community. People are drawn to co-ops because they offer advantages, such as strength, self-reliance and community focus.

  • A co-op’s No. 1 priority is to provide value for its stockholder-customers. Co-ops are owned by the people who use the business, not by outside stockholders. Therefore, co-ops can focus on providing better service at a lower cost.

  • As owners, co-op customers have a say in the business's governance. When a co-op's customers exercise this right, there is a culture of transparency—far different from the culture of many investor-owned corporations.