We are excited to announce that LLB will be opening our doors again to our customers and the public. 
Please follow current CDC guidelines when entering LLB facilities.

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Land Loans
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Louisiana is an outdoor paradise. Our flexible loan options for rural and recreational real estate are designed to make your dreams a reality.
6 Steps
Buying a piece of land for recreation and enjoyment is an exciting opportunity. Louisiana Land Bank can help make your dream become a reality. We’ll guide you through the process of recreational land ownership.
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“We wanted our own piece of rural land to build and raise a family on. Louisiana Land Bank helped us live like we would in our sixties now, in our thirties. They treat us like family, and Louisiana Land Bank makes it really easy to purchase land.”

— Sean & Ashley, Louisiana Land Bank Customers

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6 Things to Know
Step 1: Find the Perfect Place

Found the land of your dreams? Visit your local branch with the property purchase agreement and a legal description of the property. These items will help determine what the loan amount will be.

Step 2: Apply for the Loan

Download a loan application, call or pick one up at your local branch. Complete the application and make an appointment with your loan officer to start the approval process. Need help filling out the application? Just give us call.

Step 3: Make a Down Payment

A 20% down payment is typical for most land purchases. Down payments can be cash, or equivalent collateral, such as other property you may already own. 

Step 4: Lock In Your Interest Rate

We can offer you an interest rate based on current market rates and tailor terms to meet your needs. Your rate is locked in for one month and can be based on current interest rates, the type and length of the loan or other factors.

Step 5: Make Sure it’s Free and Clear

After credit approval, the title and appraisal are ordered. A clear title ensures your property is free from any issues or liens that could harm your investment value in the future. The appraisal assesses the value of the property.

Step 6: Close the Deal

Once the title and appraisal are finalized, your loan officer will set a closing date and assist you in completing the paperwork. We’ll make sure everything is ready on closing day and answer any questions you might have during the process.

Patronage Program

When you’re a customer of Louisiana Land Bank, you’re also a stockholder. That means you share in the earnings of the bank and become a part of the Louisiana Land Bank family.

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Louisiana Land Bank is the leading rural real estate and agribusiness lender with over 100 years of experience and nine branches throughout the state.

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