Interest Rates

We offer a variety of competitively priced fixed and variable interest rate programs to fit our customers' needs and objectives. Louisiana Land Bank offers amortization terms of 5 to 20 years on loans, and we can usually design the terms to meet your specific needs. Please contact us at your nearest branch office and ask about our current rates and terms.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Free, optional 30-day lock-in period
  • Multiple Interest Rate conversion options available upon expiration of rate period
  • Conversion from variable rate to a fixed rate with no fee
  • Short and long-term fixed rates available
  • Non-prepayment penalty and prepayment penalty options

Equal Housing Lender Note: ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES (APR) ARE HIGHER THAN THE STATED RATES. Contact Louisiana Land Bank for APR quotes. Conversion fees subject to change without notice.