Fete on the Farm Annual Fall Fundraiser

Fete on the Farm is an annual fall fundraiser for Slow Food North Louisiana held at Mahaffey Farms in Princeton, LA, a family farm operated by Louisiana Land Bank customers, Evan and Nicole McCommon. This year’s event went tropical, featuring the culinary heritage of Hawaii, including a Kalua Pig, prepared by Ono’s Traditional Hawaiian Cuisine and sourced from Mahaffey Farms. The pig was cooked in an underground "oven" for several hours and served alongside other traditional seafood dishes al fresco style on the front lawn of the farm. Attending was Tammy Scott-Ogrinc, Sr. Loan Admin. in our Shreveport Office and her husband, Vince. (Photo credit: Jennifer Robison Photography)

Evan and Nicole McCommon
Tammy Scott-Ogrinc and her husband, Vince
Kalua Pig
Underground oven
Fete on the Farm

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