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Bank on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

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Fleet for Sale

Fleet for Sale

All trucks have been sold. 

Louisiana Land Bank has 4 fleet trucks for sale. All vehicles are 4WD/V-8. Bids close at 3:00pm on Friday, August 21st. If interested, please direct any questions you may have to Monica Brady at 318-398-0910. Copies of NADA's and Bid Sheet are included in the post below.

Download Fleet Bid Proposal Form

Procedures for Opening Bids

• All Bids should be sealed and sent to the address on the bid sheet by the deadline.
• If anyone wants to place more than one bid, but only wants to purchase one vehicle, the first
winning bid drawn is the vehicle they win. All other bids are null and void
• If the winning bid is not equal to or higher than the minimum set the vehicle will not be sold
• Winning bidders will be notified the afternoon after the opening of bids. They will have 10
business days to take care of the paperwork and get us certified funds.

No fleet currently for sale. Please check back soon!