We are excited to announce that LLB will be opening our doors again to our customers and the public. 
Please follow current CDC guidelines when entering LLB facilities.

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1st row left to right: Cullen Kovac, Mark Morgan, Gertrude LaCour Hawkins, Ben Guthrie. 2nd row left to right: Donald Berken, Ed Patrick, Stephen Austin. 3rd row left to right: Dr. Bobby Soileau, John Earles, John Van Mol, Jr. and Henry Capdeboscq. (Not pictured – Cecelia Hoyt.)

Because of our successful financial performance in 2020, our board of directors approved the return of $11.4 million in cash to our stockholders.

Our patronage program is just one more reason it pays to do business with Louisiana Land Bank!

Patronage Program

Patronage is another distinct benefit of doing business with a cooperative. As a customer and stockholder of Louisiana Land Bank, you share in the co-op’s earnings when it performs well.

Every year, the Louisiana Land Bank Board of Directors decides how much of our earnings must be maintained as capital to fund our growth and how much can be returned to customers through our patronage program. Patronage can be distributed in cash or as allocated equity.

The more business borrowers do with the co-op, the greater their patronage refund. It is our way of returning a portion of the interest our borrowers paid on their loans.

In March 2021, Louisiana Land Bank distributed $11.4 million in cash to stockholders through our patronage program based on the association’s 2020 earnings.

Click Here to hear about patronage. 

Cooperative Advantage

As a co-op, Louisiana Land Bank is owned by the people it serves. This structure gives borrowers—farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, rural homeowners and other rural landowners—a strong voice in the association’s operations and a vested interest in its success.

Cooperative Structure Advantages & Benefits
Co-ops represent "business with a face".
  • Most co-ops are locally owned and operated
  • Customers know who they are doing business with
  • Revenues stay local, so a co-ops income represents gains for the community
  • People are drawn to co-ops because of strength, self-reliance and community focus
Co-ops #1 priority is to provide value for its stockholder-customers.
  • Co-ops are owned by the people who use the business, not by outside stakeholders
  • Co-ops focus on providing better service at a lower cost
As owners, co-op customers have a say in the business's governance.
  • Co-op customers exercise the right to govern the business
  • Co-ops offer a culture of transparency, which is far different from the culture of many investor-owned operations

YBS Lending Program

Are you a Young, Beginning or Small farmer or rancher? Learn how we can put our experience in rural lending to work for you.

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Career Opportunities

As a cooperative, Louisiana Land Bank, ACA is committed to the best interest of our stockholders as well as our dedicated workforce. As the leading agribusiness lender in Louisiana for over 100 years, we recognize that human capital is our most valuable asset.

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